In response to the latest “Stage 1 Closures” announced at 9pm Sunday 22 March 2020 AEST, the gym must shut it’s doors to members as of 12pm Monday 23 March 2020. These are drastic measures enforced by the Federal Government to combat the growing crisis which we must abide by.

This is devastating news which will affect all of us but we must do our part for the safety of Australia. To continue serving our Legendary Lifting Members we are allowing individuals to borrow mobile gym equipment during this closure. We understand that there is limited equipment and you won’t attain the same level of intensity in your workout with out the full range of amenities but it is our best solution at this time for the given circumstances. We do hope you are in understanding of the situation we are currently presented with and that Legendary Lifting is doing what it can to support you in these times. We hope you continue to support us as well and once the Nation has overcome this pandemic we can return to the gym we love and continue kicking goals.

We will be setting up a registry of mobile equipment which will include barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, weight plates, strongman equipment, chains, resistance bands, weight vests, skipping ropes, foam rollers and anything else that can be carried in a vehicle safely. Equipment not being borrowed are the racks, platforms, leg press machines, cable crossovers and anything else your common sense can’t carry. We will set up weekly times for members to thoroughly clean, pick up and drop off equipment at the gym as we need to share for the benefit of all members. This system is based on trust, similar to the conditions currently experienced at Legendary Lifting, so we have full confidence the equipment will not be abused or hoarded by our members.

In summary, as of 12pm Monday 23 March 2020 the doors to the gym will be locked. Equipment will be loaned our to members at the gym at designated times on an ongoing basis until further notice.


Stay safe, be healthy and we’ll all get through this together.

Thank you,


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What we do

Legendary Lifting is a community oriented gym which specialises in strength development for specific sporting performance through specialised equipment and coaching.

If you are interested in more than just looking good or toning your abs and want to measure your performance with tangible results that actually matter, then this is the gym for you. Personal Training is offered for those interested in 1 on 1 goal oriented training and specific strength coaching for those looking to compete.

Come drop by the City to say hi to the team as we are located at 581 Murray Street, West Perth. There is plenty of FREE PARKING at the rear off Harvest Terrace and the Red Cat Bus stops out the front.

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There is no better response to the body that promotes physical adaptation than performing resistance based exercises, especially if you are short on time. Here at Legendary Lifting you will have all the tools you need to accomplish your goals and the community is a friendly and jovial group of business professionals, young professionals and athletes.


Staffed hours only. 

$20 per entry


24/7 gym access

No lock in contract

No sign up fees

No exit fees

$130 per month


24/7 gym access

12 month contract

No sign up fees

No exit fees

$1200 per year


24/7 gym access

12 month contract

No sign up fees

No exit fees

$780 per year

Staffed hours

Monday 11am – 1pm/3pm – 7pm

Wednesday 11am – 1pm/3pm – 7pm

Friday 11am – 1pm/3pm – 6pm


SBD products are stocked in the gym. All sizes are available and we can measure you to ensure a proper fit. Get in contact with us for your equipment needs.

SBD Powerlifting Belt


SBD Deadlift Socks


SBD Competition Knee Wraps


IFP T Shirt


SBD Elbow Sleeves


SBD Knee Sleeves


SBD Competition Soft Suit


SBD Wrist Wraps Stiff


SBD Wrist Wraps Flex


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581 Murray St, West Perth 6005. Parking access off Harvest Terrace. 


0432 113 957


0420 530 307



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